Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*New* polymer Clay Hair Pins / Bobby Pins now listed in my Etsy shop!

:) I am so excited to announce that I now have have hair pins / bobby pins in my Esty shop! Do they look at all familiar to you? Maybe that's because they are made from some of the same canes I make my beads from. I figured not everyone uses beads, so I started making hair pins & magnets also. :) I spend a lot of time making & creating each cane. The easy part is slicing the pieces off of the cane for beads, hair pins, ect. I just sold some rainbow ones, but I will be listing more because I still have a lot of the cane left. :) But once that cane is gone, you will never see another one exactly like it. Maybe similar ones, but I can never create the same exact cane twice. That's the awesome thing; it makes your item very unique! :) Here's a couple pics of my new bobby pins! :) If you want a pair you can purchase them from my Etsy shop. If you don't see the ones you want, you can always convo me at my shop & ask if I happen to have any of that cane left. :) CLICK the images to view the full detail. :)


Philip said...

Those are so cool! I know my friend will love the rainbow ones I got =)

Boody Babies said...

I love the hair pins. And your beads are so cute. I nominated your blog for an award. Check out my latest post on my blog.